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By: Angela Cormier

Everything happens for a reason whether good or bad.  There is a reason for everything. Well something happen to me that would change who I am forever.  I experience hurt, pain, betrayal, and I was not understanding why. Why me?  I would hear many people say, God is not going to put more on you that you can bare and I had to have faith in those words.  

I soon learned that I what I went through would birth something greater for all women all over the world. I used to tell myself, Stand Strong, no matter what you are going through everything is going to be okay.  Now today, I am standing stronger than ever and I want to spread the strength across the world to as many women as we can reach.  

This blog provides a platform for women to speak, educate, and empower each other.  I am calling all women today to STAND STRONG in LIFE, BUSINESS, HEALTH, WEALTH, and SELF! #IAMSTANDINGSTRONG



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